Software Released In 1984


  • Crypt Of Medea by Sir-Tech.
  • Sourceror by Infocom; adventure. “Sequel to Enchanter. Navigate a 3-D maze, part the Red Sea, wax floors, avoid traps, and cast spells to rescue the guild master from a demon. Delightful.”


  • Bank Street Speller by Broderbund.
  • IACcalc by International Apple Core; spreadsheet.
  • Sideways by Funk Software; prints spreadsheets sideways.


  • Data Capture //e by Southeastern Software.


  • Wiztype by Sierra OnLine; educational, typing tutor. Features the Wizard Of Id.


  • Beagle Graphics by Simonsen, Beagle Bros.
  • Pixit by Baudville; graphics utility.
  • Print Shop by Broderbund; graphics printing utility. This was a significant program, making it possible for the first time for a novice user to easily create greeting cards, signs, and banners using graphics pictures and different fonts. It not only spawned many imitators, but a third-party industry that specializes in supplying graphics, borders, and more fonts.


  • A+ Disk Magazine (disk magazine)
  • Softyme (disk magazine)
  • UpTime (disk magazine)


  • Arcade Boot Camp by Besnard, Penguin Software.
  • Fat City by Weekly Reader Family Software.

(The following were released by Atarisoft as “official” conversions of popular coin-operated games).

  • Battlezone
  • Defender
  • Dig Dug
  • Donkey Kong
  • Galaxian
  • Joust
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Robitron 2084


  • Apple Mechanic by Beagle Bros; graphics.
  • Aztec C by Manx; language.
  • Catalyst IIe by Quark; program selector.
  • David-DOS II by David Data; operating system.
  • DiskQuik by Beagle Bros; DOS 3.3 utility.
  • DOS Boss by Beagle Bros; DOS 3.3 utility.
  • DoubleTake by Simonsen, Beagle Bros; DOS 3.3 utility.
  • Essential Data Duplicator III by Utilities Microware; utility.
  • Fat Cat by Bird, Beagle Bros; DOS 3.3 catalog utility.
  • Frame-Up by Weishaar, Beagle Bros; early hypermedia presenter.
  • Master Diagnostic + by Romano, Nikrom; hard disk diagnostics.
  • ProDOS User’s Kit by Apple Computer.
  • Silicon Salad by Kersey & Simonsen, Beagle Bros; DOS 3.3 utilities.


  • Baltic 1985: Corridor To Berlin by Strategic Simulations.
  • Beyond Castle Wolfenstein by Warner, Muse.
  • RDF 1985 by Strategic Simulations.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • AppleWorks by Lissner, Apple Computer. “Word processor, database, and spreadsheet–each full-size, full-featured. Holds several files on ‘desktop’. Proportionally spaced type. A winner, for IIe, IIc.
  • Cut & Paste by Electronic Arts.
  • Jack2 by Business Solutions, Inc.; integrated software.
  • Practicalc II by Practicorp; integrated software.
  • Simply Perfect by LJK; integrated software.

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  1. I grew up using the Tandy and Apple II series computers. I’ve been doing some work researching the Ahmsted series machine. Inquiry, MindProber, Mindscape Software, Beagle Brothers, SkyFox by Electronic Arts. My friend Michael and Joe circulated an Inventory of their software DataBase
    in our High School Bishop McDevitt Harrisburg, PA. Commodore, and the slow loading tape device. Microprose. To Defeat Hitler I recomend the Semicolon.


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