Software Released In 1991


  • 2088: The Cryllan Mission, The Second Scenerio by Victory Software; GS.
  • Gate by Bright Software; GS; Escape from a castle, battling monsters and solving puzzles. Includes animation, stereo music, and many sound effects. $30.
  • The Immortal by Electronic Arts; GS.


  • GeoQuiz by PC Globe.
  • HyperBole by Resource Central; GS.
  • HyperCard IIGS by Apple Computer; GS.
  • McGee At The Fun Fair by Lawrence Productions; GS.


  • Mickey’s Crossword Puzzle Maker by Walt Disney Computer Software.
  • SuperConvert by Harper, Seven Hills Software; GS; graphics utility.


  • ShoeBox by Seven Hills Software; GS; HyperCard IIGS application for keeping track of household information that is usually hard to find when you want it. Includes HyperCard IIGS (minus the manuals). $59.95.


  • Pipe Dreams by Lucasfilm.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • Children’s Newspaper Maker by Orange Cherry Software; GS; desktop publishing.
  • Companion Plus by Munz & Brandt, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks patch utility, major upgrade from AW 3.0 Companion.
  • EdIt-16 by Doty, SSSi, Inc.; GS; text editor.
  • InWords by Westcode; translates scanned text into a file that can be used with any word processor.
  • Mercury by MECC; GS; desktop publishing.
  • TotalControl by Brandt & Verkade, JEM Software; AppleWorks DB utility.
  • Ultimate Words by Cadieux, Kingwood Micro Software; AppleWorks macros that check text for capitalization, punctuation, and grammar errors.

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