Software Released In 1992



  • Formulate by Seven Hills Software; GS; A “word processor for math”; helps in creation of math related documents that involve specialized formulas and symbols. $49.95.



  • First Aid With Reddy by Quality Computers; Medical emergency education program for children ages 6 and older. $29.95.
  • Storybook Weaver GS by MECC; GS; $49.95.
  • The Treehouse by Broderbund; Seven educational games for ages five and above in the environment of a treehouse. Click on various objects with the mouse and learn in areas including music, animals, math, money, and more. $29.95.


  • DreamGrafix by DreamWorld Software; GS; Edit and display GS graphics in super hi-res 320 and 640 modes, as well as 3200 mode. $99.95.
  • Imagemaster: Basic Paint by Jada Graphics; GS; Paint program for 320 mode super hi-res GS graphics, utilizing up to 136 colors simultaneously. Has 64 built-in palettes and an unlimited number of custom palettes. $44.95.


  • Your Money Matters by Peterson, Software Solutions; GS; Full-featured financial program that runs specifically under the GS/OS desktop environment. Manage, budget, and reconcile any account, print checks, more. $79.00.


  • Bouncin’ Ferno by FTA; GS; Game with some similarities to “Marble Madness” but completely different play, in which a ball moved on a surface with the mouse must be bounced up to get power pellets that lengthen its life. Freeware.
  • Out Of This World by Heineman, Interplay; GS; Travel through a science-fiction world where hostile creatures lurk at every turn. Excellent graphics, and capability of modifying the video display to allow the game to run well on a non-accelerated GS. $39.95.
  • Pick’n’Pile by Procyon; GS; Game with some elements similar to “Tetris”.
  • Space Fox by Bright Software; GS; Guide spaceship through nine levels of hostile aliens. Over 1 meg of sound files enhance this game. $30.00.


  • AutoArk by Econ Technologies; GS; Data compression and decompression software, to conserve on disk storage. $59.95.
  • Desktop Manager by TMS Peripherals; GS; Add-on utilities (CDAs?) that work with both ProDOS 8 and GS/OS applications. Includes mini-word-processor, appointment calendar, calculator, print manager, disk manager, screen saver, more. $39.95.
  • Disk Tools by Gum, Office Productivity Software; AppleWorks TimeOut application that provides volume and file backup capabilities, with compression if desired).
  • Express by Seven Hills Software; GS; Print spooler for GS/OS software, using available memory as a buffer. Requires hard drive. $27.95.
  • FlashBoot by Quality Computers; GS; Loads RAM disk on bootup with any software program wanted, then can boot from that RAM disk for speed. Most useful for those with slow hard drives or NO hard drives. $29.95.
  • GNO/ME by Procyon, Inc; GS; Multi-tasking environment for GS/OS programs. $80.00.
  • HardPressed by Westcode; GS; Data compression and decompression utility to conserve on disk storage.
  • ORCA/Debugger by Byte Works; GS; source-level debugger for C and Pascal programmers. Especially helpful in identifying and fixing problems with CDevs, XCmds, and Finder Extensions. Compatible with Apple’s GS-Bug. $50.00.
  • Pointless by Westcode; GS; GS/OS Init that makes possible the use of TrueType scalable fonts on the IIGS, allowing display and printout of characters in many point sizes without jagged edges on the characters. $69.95.
  • Signature GS by Proni, Quality Computers; GS; Collection of CDevs to enhance the GS/OS environment, including Phantasm , Graffiti , Sonics , and BootMaster [modifies active/inactive status of GS/OS drivers, CDAs, and NDAs. $29.95.
  • Six Pack by Tudor, Quality Computers; GS; Utilities to add more functions to to GS/OS Finder.
  • Switch It by Econ Technologies; GS; GS/OS program switcher that can suspend one program and jump to another, leaving the first program in memory. $??
  • System Software 6.0 by Apple Computer; GS; New version of GS/OS system software with many enhancements over the previous version 5.0.4. Available free from dealers, online services, and user groups as a copy, but the disks and manual together for a reasonable cost. A winner! $39.
  • Universe Master by Proni, Econ Technologies; GS; Disk management program, including volume repair and file recovery utilities, multi-level catalog listings, block editing, and more, in a smoothly integrated desktop environment. $99.95.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing

  • DB Pix by Brandt, JEM Software; AppleWorks DB utility that allows your to display graphics pictures while in the database. Supports single and double hi-res, as well as Print Shop graphics, and displays the picture on the screen next to the database record. $25.00.
  • TimeOut Grammar by Beagle Bros/Quality Computers; AppleWorks grammar checker for the WP. Re-write of the older Sensible Grammar, improved by making it available from within AppleWorks. $79.95.
  • Ultra 4.0 by Brandt, JEM Software; AppleWorks utility that enhances UltraMacros 3.x to give more macro commands and easier-to-read macro programs. $40.00.
  • Ultra Extras by Brandt, JEM Software; Add-on commands for Ultra 4.0. $20.00.

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