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Presented here for your viewing enjoyment are some pictures I’ve accumulated over the years. They feature the Apple-1, Apple II, and various software and hardware packages that came and went. Unfortunately, in most cases I cannot give proper credit to the source(s) of the pictures, since it has been so long since I found these pictures.

If anyone viewing these pictures recognizes them and would like credit for the picture (or prefer that it be removed since permission has not been granted), please e-mail me and I would be glad to accommodate.

Furthermore, if anyone has an interesting picture about an Apple II or associated product and would like to contribute this to the Museum, please e-mail me and I will add it (and properly credit the source).

5 Comments on “Museum A-L

  1. We used this website in my SDD class, thankyou

  2. I have a photo of myself in 1984 with my brand new Apple //c and Scribe Printer that I think would make a great addition to the Museum on apple2history.

  3. I got a working Apple IIe, Apple Diskette Drive, and DOS disks from EBay over the last 5 years. Fired it up and enjoyed seeing it work once again. I don’t use it much. I enjoy just looking at the machine itself and the CPU board and how it was built. Still an amazing machine.

  4. Though I didn’t do any computing in school {did more partying and boys } I am now sitting with a pile of Apple II diskettes in my lap and researching them. I have FantaVision- Appleworks-CAD. Apple-OPUS 5-Goodspell-Pascal-PrintShop-VISTA-Eproms-AE Pro- Locksmith and so on. I am finding out that these were some of the forefront of these programs (I think) As interesting and Big for me on WOW factor scale! I don’t know what or were do I find more information about them. I did get a Apple II computer with the disks but I am somewhat reluctant to try. if anybody can help email me at tracy d’lane

  5. Fun site. Figures I got here looking ad old Beagle Bros stuff. I still have a working iic and Apple printer with the tractor type drive. Hayes modem cost more than a new iMac today!

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