Software Released In 1988


  • Beyond Zork by Infocom.
  • DreamZone by Electronic Arts.
  • Nord And Bert Couldn’t Make Heads Or Tails Of It by Infocom.
  • Questron II by Strategic Simulations, Inc.
  • Ultima V by Origin Systems.
  • Wizardry IV — The Return Of Werdna by Sir-Tech.


  • Designasaurus For The IIGS by Britannica Software; GS.
  • HyperStudio by O’Keefe, Mueller, & Kashmarek, Roger Wagner Publishing; GS; hypermedia.
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing by Software Toolworks.
  • Talking Stickybear Alphabet by Weekly Reader Software; GS.
  • Where In Europe Is Carmen Sandiego? by Broderbund.


  • Labels, Labels, Labels by Big Red Computer Club; graphics printing utility.
  • PaintWorks Gold by Activision; GS; paint program.
  • Print Magic by Epyx; graphics printing utility.
  • Print Master Plus by Unison World; graphics printing utility.
  • Print Shop GS by Broderbund; GS.
  • Super Print by Scholastic Software; graphics printing utility.
  • VCR Companion by Broderbund; graphics utility, processor for VCR taping.


  • Diversi-Tune by Diversified Software Research; GS; music program.


  • Alien Mind by PBI Software; GS.
  • Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer by Electronic Arts.
  • Test Drive by Accolade; GS.
  • Tetris by Spectrum Holobyte.
  • Wings Of Fury by Broderbund.
  • Zany Golf by Harvey, Electronic Arts; GS.


  • AC/BASIC by Absoft;GS; BASIC language.
  • GEOS by Berkeley Softworks; 8-bit graphic user interface.
  • Softswitch by Roger Wagner Publishing; GS; Program switcher for 8-bit software.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • AppleWorks GS by Claris; GS; Integrated software, modification of GS-Works.
  • GS-Works by Styleware; GS; Integrated software.
  • Medley by Milliken; GS; Integrated software.
  • Publish-It! by TimeWorks; desktop publishing.
  • TimeOut DeskTools II by Beagle Bros; AppleWorks utility.
  • TimeOut MacroTools by Beagle Bros; AppleWorks macros.
  • TimeOut Paint by Beagle Bros; AppleWorks graphics utility.
  • TimeOut PowerPack by Brandt, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks utility.
  • TimeOut Thesaurus by Beagle Bros; AppleWorks WP utility.
  • WordBench by Addison-Wesley; GS; word processing.

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