There have been many personalities who have had an influence on the Apple II world throughout the years, either because they contributed to hardware, software, or increased understanding of how some aspect of the computer worked. Some of these individuals have moved on to other interests, and some are still actively supporting and improving the Apple II. This section of the Apple II History is dedicated to telling a little about the stories about those who helped make the phrase “Apple II Forever!” more than just a marketing slogan.

These profiles will be presented either in the format of a short biography or an interview, and if the person in question decides that a personally written story is the best way to give this information, I’ll reproduce their writing as it stands.

Please remember that any of the biographies presented here are copyrighted, either by the person who wrote it, or by Zonker Enterprises for the Apple II History, and are not to be reproduced without permission from the person it is about, or from the Apple II History.