Software Released In 1989


  • 2088: The Cryllan Mission by Victory Software; GS.
  • Neuromancer by Interplay; GS.
  • Times Of Lore by Origin.
  • Warlock by Three Sixty Pacific; GS.
  • Wizardry V: The Heart Of The Maelstrom by Sir-Tech.


  • Graph-It! by TimeWorks.


  • Smart Money GS by Broderbund; GS; home finance.


  • Arkanoid II: Revenge Of Doh by Taito; GS.
  • Bad Dudes by DataEast; GS.
  • Crystal Quest by Casady & Greene; GS.
  • Gnarly Golf by Britannica Software; GS.
  • John Madden Football by Antonick, Electronic Arts.
  • Qix by Taito.
  • The Hunt For Red October by Software Toolworks; GS.
  • The Last Ninja by Activision.


  • GS Font Editor by Beagle; GS.
  • ProSel 16 by Bredon; GS; Program selector and utilities package, updated for GS/OS.


  • Battlechess by Camasta, Interplay; GS.
  • Dive Bomber by Epyx.
  • War In Middle Earth by Melbourne House; GS.
  • The King Of Chicago by Cinemaware Corp.; GS.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • II Write by Random House Media.
  • TimeOut Report Writer by Verkade, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks DB utility.
  • TimeOut Telecomm by de Jong & Munz, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks telecomm program.
  • WordPerfect IIGS by Word Perfect Corp.; GS.

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