1991 Apple II Achievement Awards

The text of the awards announcement, as posted by Matt Deatherage on GEnie in April, 1992:

The 1991 Apple II Achievement Awards, sponsored by Resource Central and inCider/A+ magazine with cooperation from Apple Computer, Inc., were presented Friday, April 3rd, 1992, in a national online conference on America Online, winner of the 1990 Achievement Award for Best Online Service.

A prestigious panel of Apple II industry watchers, including representatives from inCider/A+, A2-Central, Apple Computer, America Online, CompuServe, GEnie, GS+ magazine and Nibble, recently nominated awards in a number of categories designed to recognize excellence in products for the Apple II family of computers during the period from November 1, 1990 through the present. Those products recognized as the best by the panel were nominated for Awards. A panel of over 100 Apple II community members was entrusted with selecting the best of the best during balloting between March 3rd and March 27th, 1992. Those selected receive the 1991 Apple II Achievement Award, a lead crystal disk engraved with “1991 Apple II Excellence” and an Apple logo on a crystal base.

The complete list of Apple II Achievement Award categories and recipients is as follows (Note: some of these were not quite available until early 1992, and therefore did not make the above list as being released in 1991)[1] :

Category Recipient
Best Freeware or Shareware GS-ShrinkIt (Andy Nicholas).
Best Educational Software HyperStudio 3.1 (Roger Wagner Publishing).
Best 8-bit Application ProTERM 3.0 (InSync Software).
Best 16-bit Application HyperCard IIGS (Apple Computer, Inc.)
Best Innovation Pointless (Westcode Software).
Best Multimedia Achievement HyperStudio 3.1 (Roger Wagner Publishing).
Best Utility Prosel 16 (Glen Bredon)
Outstanding Developer Aid GSBug v1.6 (Apple Computer, Inc.).
Best Apple II Periodical A2-Central (Resource Central, Inc.).
Best Online Service (tie) America Online (America Online, Inc.)GEnie (General Electric/Resource Central, Inc.)
Software of the Year Apple IIGS System Software 6.0 (Apple Computer)
Apple II Individual Recognition Alan Bird and Tom Weishaar (for service of distinction to the Apple II community)
Apple II Individual Achievement Andy Nicholas (for making the most positive impact for Apple II computer owners during the awards period)
Apple II Group Achievement Apple II System Software team [2] (for making the most positive impact for Apple II computer owners during the awards period)


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