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I am glad to receive mail from the readers of the Apple II History! In some cases, the mail I’ve received has unlocked for me one additional piece of historical information about the Apple II, and so has actually added to the site in a positive way. There have been others who have been interested in contributing a photo or two to the Museum. Some have an interesting story about the Apple II, or want to share their reminiscences. So please feel free to write to me.

However… before you send e-mail to me, be aware of these rules:

  • I do not purchase nor can I estimate the value of old equipment!! If you want to know what it is worth, or want to try to sell it, I suggest that you do a search for it on eBay and see what it is selling for.
  • I will not write your school papers for you!! You are free to use the information on this site (please properly reference it in your paper), but it is not my job to do the research for you. I will discard any e-mails asking me to send information that is on the site. If you need to, use the search link on the home page of this site and look for what you need using that. If you have tried and simply cannot find an obscure piece of information, I may be able to help you.

Technical Information? If this is what you are seeking, let me point you to these resources, where there are often smarter people than I:

With those comments out of the way, you may still send e-mail using this form: