C-Apple Genealogy

This table shows in an abbreviated format the approximate dates of product release and product discontinuation during the Apple II era. Generally, the left half of the table deals with the 6502/65816 Apple II series of computers (and the closely related Apple III), and the right half deals with the 680×0 Lisa and Macintosh series, and events outside of the Apple part of the personal computing universe.

Each year is divided up into four lines in this table; so each year is divided up into quarters. Events shown as happening in the first quarter of a year refer to Jan-Mar, the second quarter Apr-Jun, and so on. For a product introduction, the top of the colored box where the name appears represents the date it was released.

In the case of several revisions in the same product line, these models are designated in the same vertical box, but with a change in color.

I want to thank Hisham Muhammad, and his Portuguese-language web site, Lode’s Land – Apple ][ Brasil for permission to use his excellent idea for creation of an HTML-based, colored timeline to display this geneology data. This is much better than the text-only version that I had displayed here previously!

Altair 8800, Homebrew
Scelbi-8B, Micro-Soft
Altair BASIC, 6502
IMSAI 8080
Shugart 5.25 floppy drive
Apple Computer Co.
Z-80, Sol, PC’76
Electric Pencil
Apple Computer, Inc.
Commodore PET
TRS-80, Heathkit H-8
CP/M, Applesoft I
Epson MX-80, Atari 400
Atari 800, Intel 8086
Exidy Sorceror, TI-99/4
Intel 8088, Compuserve
Sinclair ZX80, WordPerfect
Vulcan (dBase II), VIC-20
Micromodem 100, Zork
CompuServe, The Source
Xerox Star
Osborne 1, Epson HX-20
IBM PC, Smartmodem
I80286, Compaq Portable
Commodore 64, Lotus
Franklin Ace 100
TRS-80 Model 16
Tandy 2000, IBM PC-XT
Microsoft Word, IBM PCjr
Adam, Atari 1200XL
TRS-80 Model 100, Word
HP LaserJet
Lotus Symphony
PC-AT, Motorola 68020
Amiga 1000, LaserWriter
PageMaker, Windows 1.0
Jobs resigns, GEnie
Atari 520ST, Laser 128
Microsoft Works/Mac
Intel 386, Motorola 68030
Amiga 2000, Amiga 500
IBM PS/2, OS/2
HyperCard, Excel
Intel 386SX
Intel 486, X Windows
Adobe Type Manager
IBM PS/1, Amiga 3000
Windows 3.0
Motorola 68040
Windows 3.1
PowerPC 601
PowerPC 603
Mac System 7.1
PowerPC 603, 604
Mac System 7.5
Microsoft “Bob”
Mac Clones
Windows 95
Pentium Pro
Pentium MMX
Pentium II
Newton discontinued
Windows 98
PowerPC G3
Pentium III
“Y2K” fears

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