Software Released In 1990


  • Dragon Wars GS by Heineman, Interplay; GS.
  • Keef The Thief by Electronic Arts; GS.
  • Knights Of Legend by Origin.
  • Mines Of Titan by Infocom.
  • Prince Of Persia by Broderbund.
  • Shogun by Infocom/Mediagenic.
  • The Third Courier by Accolade; GS.
  • Windwalker by Origin.
  • Wraith: Devil’s Demise by Nite Owl Productions.


  • DoubleData by Brandt, JEM Software; AppleWorks DB enhancement.
  • GeoCalc by Berkeley Softworks; spreadsheet.
  • GeoFile by Berkeley Softworks; database.



  • Katie’s Farm by Lawrence Productions; GS.
  • GS Numerics by Spring Branch Software; GS.
  • McGee by Lawrence Productions.
  • New Talking Stickybear Opposites by Weekly Reader Software; GS.
  • New Talking Stickybear Shapes by Weekly Reader Software; GS.
  • Nexus by Golem Computers; hypermedia.
  • Playroom by Broderbund; educational.
  • StoryWorks by Teacher’s Idea & Information Exchange.
  • Talking Dinosaurs by Orange Cherry Software; GS.
  • Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? by Broderbund.


  • Bannermania by Broderbund; graphics printing utility.
  • Delta Drawing Today by Power Industries; graphics utility.
  • Platinum Paint by Beagle Bros; GS; graphics drawing utility.
  • Super Print II: The Next Generation by Scholastic; graphics utility.
  • The New Print Shop by Broderbund; update to graphics printing utility.


  • Jam Session by Broderbund; GS; music program.
  • Softdisk GS by Softdisk Publishing; GS; disk magazine.


  • Airball by Micro Deal; GS.
  • Bouncing Bluster by Vallat & Dove; GS.
  • Dark Castle by Three Sixty Pacific; GS.
  • Orbizone by Pangea Software; GS.
  • Qix GS by Taito.
  • Senseless Violence II by Pangea Software; GS.
  • Slipheed by Sierra On-Line; GS.
  • Task Force by Brittanica; GS.
  • Tunnels Of Armageddon by California Dreams; GS.


  • Font Factory GS by Seven Hills Software; GS; font editor.
  • Genesys 1.2 by Doty, SSSi, Inc.; GS; resource editor and developer utility.
  • GSBug 1.5 by Apple Computer; GS; debugger.
  • Logowriter GS by Logo Computer Systems; GS.
  • MD-Basic by Morgan Davis Group; GS; allows writing of structured source code, which is translated into tightly organized Applesoft code executable on any Apple II.
  • Orca/C by ByteWorks; GS; C language.
  • Salvation – Deliverance by Vitesse; GS; disk recovery.
  • Salvation – Exorciser by Vitesse; GS; virus detector/eliminator.
  • Salvation – Guardian by Vitesse; GS; disk backup utility, later renamed Salvation – Bakkup.
  • Salvation – Renaissance by Vitesse; GS; disk optimizer.
  • Salvation – Wings by Vitesse; GS; program launcher.


  • Chessmaster 2100 by Software Toolworks.
  • Halls Of Montezuma by Strategic Simulations; GS.
  • Omega by Origin.
  • Revolution ’76 by Britannia Software; GS.
  • Solitaire Royale by Spectrum Holobyte; GS.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • AW 3.0 Companion by Beagle Bros; AppleWorks patching utility.
  • Outliner by Brandt, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks WP utility.
  • TimeOut MacroEase by Brandt & Munz, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks macro collection.
  • TimeOut SuperForms by Verkade, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks WP utility.
  • TimeOut TextTools by Munz, Brandt, & Bangerter, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks WP utilities.
  • Ultimate Fonts by Cadieux, Kingwood Micro Software; AppleWorks macros that modify WP text to add the codes allowing inclusion of appropriate characters from other languages for printing with TimeOut SuperFonts.

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