History of Apple II by Apple, 1984

This video, posted by slomacuser on YouTube, appears to have been created at Apple, with the voices of Steve Wozniak and (I believe) Steve Jobs, telling some of the history of how the company started, and the huge role played by the Apple II computer in making it successful. They discuss the creation of the computer, some of the design decisions, and also go into the user community that created software to use on this.

Although the video is not dated, my guess is that it was created for the “Apple II Forever” event in April 1984, when the Apple IIc was introduced. The reason for this speculation is that it has some of the Apple II Forever song playing at the beginning and end. The music at the end is a slower version of the same song with the same singer. It has to be dated no later than that, as the Apple IIe is mentioned and shown, but nothing is said about the Apple IIc. So, it could have been played at the start of the “Apple II Forever” event, before the IIc was introduced.


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