2001 Apple II Achievement Awards

These were compiled by publisher Ryan Suenaga, and published in the January 2002 issue of The Lamp! magazine.

Category Recipient
Best Commercial Product Friends II (Juiced.GS, Max Jones)
Esprit de Apple Corps (Gamebits, Ken Gagne)
Best Shareware Product Telnet NDA (Kim Howe)
Best Freeware Product Spectrum Automated File Exchange (SAFE) (Ewen Wannop)
Hammurabi GS (Thomas Compter)
Best World Wide Web Site A2Central.com (Eric Shepherd)
Best Publication Juiced.GS (Max Jones)
Outstanding Apple II Development Syndicomm for re-release of products from EGO Systems, Parkhurst Micro Products, Ross Falconer, The Byte Works, APDA, and Juiced.GS
Outstanding Individual Achievement (tie) David Miller (programming of Syndicomm site)Max Jones (production of Juiced.GS)

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