Software Released In 1985


  • A Mind Forever Voyaging by Infocom.


  • ProFiler 2.1 by Pinpoint; database program.
  • SuperCalc 3A by Sorcim/IUS Micro Software; spreadsheet.


  • Stickybear Math by Weekly Reader Family Software.
  • Stickybear Typing by Weekly Reader Family Software; typing tutor.


  • Dazzle Draw by Broderbund; double hi-res graphics paint program.
  • Take 1 by Baudville; animation, graphics.


  • Managing Your Money by MECA; home finance.


  • Gato by Spectrum Holobyte.
  • I.O. Silver by Brandt, Beagle Bros.


  • Blankenship BASIC by Blankenship & Assoc.; Applesoft pre-processor.
  • D-Code by Beagle Bros; Applesoft debugging utility.
  • Diversi-Copy by Diversified Software Research; fast disk copy program.
  • Extra K by Beagle Bros; Applesoft utility to use 128K RAM.
  • ProByter by Beagle Bros; ProDOS utilities.
  • ProSel by Bredon; ProDOS program selector, later renamed “ProSel 8” after a sixteen bit version was released in 1989.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • Magic Office System by Artsci; Integrated software, with word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, and spell checker.
  • Newsroom by Springboard; First WYSIWYG desktop publishing program for Apple II, including clip art graphics, limited page layout, several font sizes, and capability of sending files by modem to other computers running the Newsroom program, even if they weren’t Apple II’s.
  • Pinpoint Desk Accessories by Pinpoint; AppleWorks utility.
  • Sensible Grammar by Sensible Software; grammar checker.
  • MouseWrite by Roger Wagner Publishing; Word processor with a Mac-like desktop using MouseText characters.

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