1998 Apple II Achievement Awards

These were compiled by editor Ryan Suenaga, and published in the January 1999 issue of The Lamp! magazine.

Category Recipient
Best Commercial Product GSoft BASIC (The Byte Works, Mike Westerfield)
WebWorks GS (Sheppyware / Shareware Solutions II, Eric Shepherd)NiftySpell (Shareware Solutions II, Christ Vavruska)

GraphicWriter III v2.0 (Seven Hills Software, Richard Bennett)

Spectrum v2.1 (Seven Hills Softwarew, Ewen Wannop)

Best Shareware Product Shifty List (Sheppyware, Eric Shepherd)
Best Freeware Product Wolfenstein 3D (port by “Burger” Bill Heineman and Eric Shepherd)
GSheisen (Kelven Sherlock)
Best World Wide Web Site (tie) Apple II Information Resource, Tony Diaz
A2-Web, David Kerwood
Best Publication Juiced.GS (Max Jones)
Outstanding Apple II Development Marinetti 2.0 (Richard Bennett)Bernie ][ The Rescue (F.E. Systems, Henrik Gudat)

Sweet16 (F.E. Systems, Eric Shepherd)

Outstanding Individual Achievement Ewen Wannop

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