Software Released In 1986


  • Bard’s Tale by Electronic Arts.
  • Hacker by Activision; Unique in that there were virtually no instuctions on how to play; you had to figure it out as you went, trying to “hack” into a fictional mainframe computer.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Infocom; Adventure based on the book of the same name.
  • Ultima IV by Origin Systems.


  • Bank Street Filer by Sunburst Communications; database.
  • VIP Professional by VIP Technologies; spreadsheet.


  • Point-To-Point by Little, Pinpoint Publishing; terminal program.


  • Stickybear Printer by Optimum Resources; graphics printing program with some features similar to Print Shop.
  • Reader Rabbit by The Learning Company.
  • Writer Rabbit by The Learning Company.


  • Fantavision by Broderbund; animation program.


  • Clan Perfect Accountant by Sir-Tech; finance.
  • On Balance by Broderbund; finance.
  • Smart Money by Sierra OnLine; finance.


  • Autoduel by Origin Systems.
  • F-15 Strike Eagle by MicroProse.


  • Beagle Compiler by Beagle Bros; Applesoft compiler.
  • Font Mechanic by Beagle Bros; font editor for graphics.
  • Shape Mechanic by Beagle Bros; graphics shape editor.
  • Micol BASIC by Micol Systems; alternative to Applesoft.
  • MouseDesk by International Solutions; double hi-res graphics program launcher, modeled after the Macintosh Finder. Eventually purchased by Apple and modified for their first version of the IIGS Finder.
  • Program Writer by Beagle Bros; Applesoft program editor with an AppleWorks-like interface.
  • Triple Dump by Beagle Bros; graphics printing utility, supporting every printer in the known universe.

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing:

  • AutoWorks by Bird, Software Touch; AppleWorks macro program.
  • Fontworks by Software Touch; AppleWorks WP utility.
  • KeyPlayer by Pinpoint Publishing; AppleWorks macro program.
  • MacroWorks by Brandt, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks utility, first macro program for AppleWorks.
  • MouseWord by International Solutions; graphics-based word processor.
  • Multiscribe by Styleware; graphics-based word processor, with multiple fonts and graphics capability.
  • Word Perfect by Satellite Software; word processing.
  • SuperMacroWorks by Brandt, Beagle Bros; AppleWorks utility, upgrade to MacroWorks, worked only with AppleWorks v2.0 or v2.1.

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