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  • Interesting article that discusses the early days and development of a major Apple II user group and magazine.

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  • Historical overview of Apple Computer.

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  • Transcript (in two parts) of a talk given by Steve Wozniak to the Apple World meeting in San Francisco, January 1986.

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  • The entire issue had articles that dealt with the first ten year of personal computing, including a little from before the release of the Altair 8800.

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  • Historical information that deals more with the non-Apple computer world, but does have information about VisiCalc .

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  • Info about the development of this computer.

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  • This book deals with the beginnings of the entire microcomputer industry, but has a chapter that deals with the formation of Apple Computer and its subsequent development.

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  • Historical overview.

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  • History of Apple Computer and its founders, up to the early 1980’s.

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  • IIGS product development.

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  • Review of Apple Computer history, with extensive behind-the-scenes information of Apple’s turbulent middle years in the 1980’s while the Macintosh was under development, up to the ouster of Steve Jobs.

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  • A review of some reasons why the Apple II doesn’t seem to die.

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  • Timeline overview of 1975-1990 in computing history.

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  • Timeline history of Apple Computer, plus overview information about the Apple II to get anyone started.

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  • Development of the Apple IIc.

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  • Has a description of the history of DOS, as well as a technical description of it.

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