KansasFest 2010 concludes

I was unable to attend, but I had a brief opportunity to announce this newly revised website to the attendees at KansasFest 2010. The keynote speech was done by Mark Simonsen of Beagle Bros, and is available to view at A2Central.com.

New look!

After nearly ten years of managing this site with standard tools, I’ve got it translated into a different platform. WordPress will provide the flexibility to do updates and additions more easily than in the past.

For previous visitors to the Apple II History site, some things have moved. The major sections have links along the top and the left side. I’ve moved some of the minor sections into the Appendix:

WATN? (Where Are They Now?) is now found here.

The Song Parodies section is now found here.

In preparation for this update, I have actually re-read the text of the History chapters completely, probably for the first time in many years, and have updated the point of view from 1991 to the present. I will continue to reviewing content on the rest of the site in the near future, and try to make sure that it also reads properly for the 21st century.

The Museum has a new look, and the pictures are (hopefully) easier to see.

If you have pictures to contribute, contact me via the link in the About section.