The Games Of Our Lives

I’ve often thought it would be a great to make a series of videos demonstrating the classic software on the Apple II. I’ve already made a couple of them (see here for video and links to others). Now I find someone who has begun to do the very thing I wanted to do. “HighRetroGameLord89” has posted a number of videos of games, Apple II and other classic micros and game consoles. His list goes into games starting with the letter “A” and “B”, and I can’t wait to see how far into the Apple II gaming alphabet he gets!

Check out his YouTube playlist here:

Or, just go to his YouTube site here. Well worth the visit!

4 Comments on “The Games Of Our Lives

  1. Yeah it’s great for guys like Highretrogamelord89 to bring us so much history! He uploaded every Atari 2600 game and now he’s doing the same with the Apple II! One of the best video game sources on the net!

  2. Damn, didn’t see that here is a comments section, or else I would’ve written earlier something to this.

    Anyways…I want to thank you, for taking time to write such a nice article about my Apple II gameplay videos.

    And I want to thank Otouto72 for his first comment here. ^^

  3. I didn’t realize that Highretrogamelord89 is going through every Apple II game in alphabetical order. After three months and hundreds of videos, he’s only up to ‘G’!

    This playlist is going to be overwhelmingly exhaustive by the time he’s done.

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