Apple II Forever, part 2

Back in 1988, Apple did a little PR for the Apple II line on The Computer Chronicles series. Here is that program, hosted by Stuart Chiefet and Gary Killdall, featuring the Apple IIc Plus and the new GS/OS for the Apple IIGS. It includes interviews with John Sculley, Laura Kurihara (Apple IIc Plus project manager), and Bill Cleary of Cleary Communications. It also discusses the new Macintosh IIx. Anne Bachtold, Apple IIGS product manager, demonstrating GS/OS 4.0 and its new FST for accessing other devices such as a CD-ROM, the Installer, and the Advanced Disk Utility. Also interviewed was Stuart Roberson, director of marketing at Activision, who talked about PaintWorks Gold.

Here is the movie, direct from

6 Comments on “Apple II Forever, part 2

  1. Howdy!
    In the early 1980s I used my Apple // for computer animation.
    Super 8 then later 16mm.
    CineMagic #23 did an article about it.
    Even the Computer Animation Primer (It’s online!)
    Also… an amateur film used my animations for titles and effects.
    Check out my Apple // videos and photos. user: jsl151850b user: jsl151850b

    • Stuff like that is basically worth what a collector wants to pay for it…

  2. I have two of those bags. One with my old II+ in it and the other with my old //e in it.

  3. I’ve searching for a lucite cover for the Apple ][ / ][+. My Apple dealer in Cincinnati had it in their store, briefly, some time before 1980.

    I’ve never seen one since, but would like to find one. Please send a message to my Google Profile if you know of any.

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