Apple Prognistication

Blake Patterson of the ByteCellar has Apple promotional DVDs that he obtained many years ago. These contained commercials and other videos about Apple products, primarily from the late 1980s and early 1990s. He uploaded these videos to YouTube, and his post here shows a number of them.

One that I like the best was made in 1987, at Apple’s tenth anniversary. It speculated how Apple would be doing at the time of its twentieth anniversary in 1997, under the leadership of CEO John Sculley. Interestingly enough, some of what was predicted (tongue-in-cheek) to be Apple’s dominance in computing was clearly not happening by 1997, but in reality was beginning to happen by 2007 (Apple’s thirtieth anniversary), and is even more correct by now, their thirty-fifth anniversary. And it is fun to see the younger, thinner Woz giving his thoughts about how Apple did during their second decade, as well as the mention of the Apple II V.S.O.P (very smooth old processor) that was predicted to be released in 1997 (a full four years after the actual discontinuation of the Apple II line).

Humorous things also include a Mac that you wore as glasses, and which was fed by a postage-stamp-sized floppy disk.

Take a trip over to Patterson’s ByteCellar, and enjoy a view of the past, and of their predicted future.

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