(Beep!) *** iBooks ERROR

One glitch I’ve just discovered tonight about creating a book in Apple’s fancy iBooks Author program is that it doesn’t support footnotes. Seems kind of strange for a tool that is supposed to be for textbooks (footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, and index are important features of paper textbooks that I’ve owned or used in my life). So, until that problem is addressed by Apple, I’m going to just focus on a print book. I mean, my conversion from HTML to Microsoft Word is done through the chapter about Peripherals, and I’ve already got 298 footnotes. Until there is some way of displaying footnotes and easily converting them from Word, the iBooks version cannot happen.


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  1. Wow! That seems like quite an oversight.

    Instead of putting a superscript number next to text that requires citation, can you make that same text into a hyperlink that points to an online index of footnotes?

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