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I am closer to getting this book thing a done deal. However, I could use help from the Apple II History audience regarding a couple of pictures.

When I first collected pictures to spice up the text-only Apple II History years ago, I was focused on low-bandwidth (it took too long to load large pictures at 33.6K or 56K modem speeds), and so had small pictures that were not necessarily high quality. For the book, however, I need pictures that are higher quality.

Take a look at the page for the Apple IIe here:


just down to where the photo of the lower left keyboard is. If anyone has a better picture of the lower left keyboard for a non-enhanced Apple IIe, I would love to be able to use it. (The original source is offline, so I can’t contact that person for a better picture.)

I also would love to see a better picture of the Mac LC running the Apple IIe emulator card, like the picture seen here:


A picture like this one, with a screen shot of an Apple II program, would be ideal, if anyone has the setup that would allow a photo.

Views of the Apple IIc, like those in chapter 8, and the Apple IIe to IIGS conversion as seen in chapter 9, would also be wonderful.

From that point on, most of the pictures I have are good quality for a print version.

Any takers?

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