My God, It’s Full of Words!

It’s December 2nd, and although Amazon still has the book listed as for “pre-order”, I want to confirm that it really does exist. My supply came in a box from UPS today. They insisted on posing for a picture:


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  1. Congrats to Dr. Weyhrich!!!

    Please allow me to share a ridiculous and paranoid (but true) story featuring my own humble person.

    The setting is June a year ago, at my country estate. My book has just gone on sale, and I awaited my own copies in the mail.

    Now I had this irrational paranoid fear that my book cover would be printed WITHOUT any text on it, because I had saved it as a 600-dpi multi-layer PDF thing from Photoshop. The picture was one layer, then the text on top.

    Well the day of reckoning had arrived. I got the box of 5 or so copies of the book for myself and those pre-publication reviewers. Took it inside the house.

    Well I sliced open the box, and pulled away the packing paper. I hardly dared look at any of the books in case my fear turned out to be true.


    There was my book cover, looking just as it should. And inside, there were those many words that I had typed over the past two years.

    I was ecstatic.

  2. My order on Amazon, which showed a Dec 4 delivery date, has now been pushed to December 19th. Yet someone above notes that it is en route to them already? I’m confused!

    • Amazon has to receive the shipment of books they’ve been sent. Don’t know when they’ll acknowledge that.

  3. Hi Joe,

    Drone as to fly or to swim to reach Europe. The Atlantic Ocean is wide but the book should reach destination by december as per Amazon reports.

  4. heh – it’ll get here when it gets here, i guess! i’ve been very excited to see this book since i first heard about it. i’m not as uber informed about the apple 2 technically as you gents, but i grew up loving it, and it played a big part in shaping my life. it’s truly strange how one can love a machine.

  5. well, i’ll be… wishes do come true. amazon just RE-jiggered their delivery estimate and sent me a shipped notice. it’ll be here on the 11th. looking forward to seeing the fruits of your hard labor, mr. weyhrich!

    • Interesting. I never thought it would appear there during its first month after release. 🙂

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