Red Book Revisited

Years ago I was sent a PDF of the original Apple II Reference Manual, known as the Red Book. Back in 2008, Gerry Doire had not only provided for me a scanned version of the manual, but he cleaned it up so it was more readable and useful as a reference.

I recently received a message from Gary Graham, who has taken Doire’s original files and updated them to fix some typographical errors. He also fixed the font sizes, and did other work on it. He asked that I replace the old version with this better version.

It is still a work in progress (still says it is the 35th anniversary edition), but he has more work he plans to do with it, and will keep me up to date with the better edition when it is available.

Here is the link:

(By the way, in making this available to download, I discovered that my Files (Download) page had somehow lost all of its entries. I will fix that, but I wanted to get this out for people to see.)

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