2004 March

KEGS-X, a port of KEGS for the Xbox, is released.

2004 July

F.E. Systems makes its first experimental release of a Mac OS X version of Sweet16.


2005 February

Silver Platter by Kelvin Sherlock is released. It is a web server, running on a IIGS as a new desk accessory.

2005 June

Release of the Uther Apple II Ethernet card by A2Retrosystems.

2005 July

KansasFest is held at a new venue, Rockhurst University, still in Kansas City, Missouri.

2005 August

Henry Courbis of ReactiveMicro.com releases the Mockingboard v1, a clone of Sweet Micro Systems version C of the Mockingboard sound card.


2006 May

Debut of 1 MHz, the first Apple II podcast, hosted by Carringon Vanston.

2006 July

Sweet16 IIGS emulator for Mac OS X is released at KansasFest 2006.

Mark Munz begins work on Deja IIx, an update to the Deja ][ emulator for AppleWorks 5, designed to run under Mac OS X.

First episode of A2Unplugged, a podcast about the Apple II, hosted by Ryan Suenaga.

2006 December

AppleIIGo emulator, written in Java, released as a Mac OS X widget.


2007 August

The Lamp! ceases publication.

2007 November

James Littlejohn of Littlejohn Systems begins sales of his first Apple II replacement power supply, the LittlePower Adapter, through ReactiveMicro.com. Eventually, he has available power supplies for the Apple II, IIe, and IIGS.


2008 January

Dan Budiac is the winning bidder on eBay for a new-in-box, never opened Apple IIc from 1988. For his winning bid of $2600, he joyfully opened the box to use the Apple IIc.

2008 July

20th annual KansasFest.


2009 July

AOL shuts down CompuServe Classic (what was left of the old CompuServe).


2010 July

First presentation of “Apple II Forever” awards at KansasFest.

Tom Arnold creates the Mockingboard v1a, an authorized clone of ReactiveMicro’s Mockingboard v1 card (which is in short supply), and sold through the ReactiveMicro web site.

2010 October

A2Central BBS closes down.


2011 February

Using the Active GS emulator, Best of FTA app is released for iOS by the Free Tools Association. It bundles many of the famous FTA demos for the Apple IIGS. Enterprising hackers find ways to put other disk images into the archive to run on iOS devices.

First episode of Open Apple, an Apple II podcast hosted by Ken Gagne and Mike Maginnis.

2011 July

Vince Briel releases his A2MP3 card, allowing an Apple II to act as a host and power supply for a USB memory stick collection of MP3 songs.

Rich Dreher releases the CFFA 3000, an update to his earlier CFFA compact flash adapter for the Apple II, now supporting USB memory sticks.

2011 August

The Smartport Virtual Hard Drive by Cédric Peltier, a USB flash drive for the Apple IIc and IIc Plus, is available for purchase.

2011 October

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passes away on October 5 after a long battle with cancer.


2012 June

35th anniversary of the release of the Apple II.

Release of The New Apple II User Guide, written by David Finnigan, the first book about the Apple II printed in over a decade.

2012 August

William F. Luebbert’s classic What’s Where In The Apple is re-released as an ebook, updated and enhanced.

2012 September

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announces that he plans to permanently move to Australia.


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