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The Games Of Our Lives

I’ve often thought it would be a great to make a series of videos demonstrating the classic software on the Apple II. I’ve already made a couple of them (see here for video and links to others). Now I find someone who has begun…

Bonjour, Apple II !

François Michaud has an extensive collection of Apple hardware and software, having acquired them for a number of years. You can see his online photos on his web site. Well worth a visit !

The origins of interface

Today’s home computers seem to evolve more incrementally than computers of a few decades ago. When the Apple II was new, innovations abounded as technology was applied and created in ways never before imagined. There were more “firsts” back then, such as the first…

More advertising

I’m continuing to work on my project to scan advertisements that appeared in Softalk magazine during its four year run. I’ve re-organized the Museum a bit to make the number of pictures in each section more manageable. Thus, there are now (so far) six categories:…

Text Adventures Illustrated

I am in the process of viewing the excellent documentary video by Jason Scott, GET LAMP (find out more at It is well worth the purchase price, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. In this two-DVD set, it features the main documentary (of the…

Links reorganized

I’ve done a little remodeling on the Links page, adding a section at the top for my favorite, personally most visited sites.

Back in business!

Sorry to have had the site down for the past three days; I’ve had to migrate to a new hosting service, due to problems caused by my old hosting service.

Got Blue?

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Gerry Doire, I’ve had a beautiful copy of the classic Apple II “Red Book” manual available for download for quite a while. He actually re-tooled most of the pages in that book to make it look classic, but…

KansasFest 2010 concludes

I was unable to attend, but I had a brief opportunity to announce this newly revised website to the attendees at KansasFest 2010. The keynote speech was done by Mark Simonsen of Beagle Bros, and is available to view at

New look!

After nearly ten years of managing this site with standard tools, I’ve got it translated into a different platform. WordPress will provide the flexibility to do updates and additions more easily than in the past. For previous visitors to the Apple II History site,…